Book Review – Bell Mountain

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Bell Mountain by Lee Duigon – Book Review

Most people do not expect much content or deeper insightful things, in a children’s book. However, Bell Mountain is one of those books that you can be rest assured in containing more than you expected.

The story has religious references and is a beautiful tale about two children on a mission to ring the bell of Bell Mountain. There is a secret behind this assignment and as they go through climbing this mountain they encounter many challenges. Aside from the assassin that attempts to stop them, they have to also defend themselves from beasts, hunters, bandits and more.

The people have forgotten about God. Praying is rarely done and is mostly unanswered. It is the call of God that has these two children, Jack and Ellayne on this mission and of course when you have God on your side, all will be well, won’t it?
Bell Mountain takes you on, an extraordinary voyage that was pleasant to the eyes and warm the heart. In my opinion, the book is suitable for all ages and not just for young adults. You truly care for the characters and as for the pace of the story; the beginning may have been a little slow. However, without that backstory, I don’t think the book would have had the big impact at the end.

Prepare yourself for a sweet and sour journey. I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading more from this Author.

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