Liefdom by Jesse Teller – Book Review

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Liefdom by Jesse Teller – Book Review

One thing is for sure; this is not your ordinary fairy style fantasy story. A violent fairy called Gentry Mandrake lives in a city named Liefdom. He is very smart and talented. The first thing about him is that he is born as an adult. He is in search for his parents however due to not being as pretty as everyone else; he is disregarded and discriminated. Beauty is a highly valued asset in this world. Gentry appears to have many personal battles with himself as well.

The character building was well written, and the layout of the book consisted of a nice flow of connectivity. There are many painful and suffering moments, which do make you cringe at times. I would really class this as a dark fantasy novel, but that can be arguable. Subjects like rape and other sensitive topics are mentioned in this book making it unsuitable for children to read.

The excellent descriptive writing easily welcomes you into this imaginative world that is not – so fairy like. Gentry has to save the person he loves very much. Many epic battles occur within the tale, accompanied by a fast-paced, full drama, and exhilarating set of events, that blow your mind. The ending is beautiful and worth waiting for. Perilisc is a wonderfully written world, and I look forward to reading more about it.

A big round of applause goes to this author with his high-quality literary standard. Very few can make you hate and love a character so strongly as he has written. Above all, even few have you feel like you were inside the book rather than reading it.

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