Book Review – The Footsteps of Cain by Derek Kohlhagen

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Jeyran Main

Founder & Owner of: Review Tales

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The footsteps of Cain is a post-apocalyptic, science fiction story with substantial metaphysical underpinnings. It revolves around a man seeking his freedom. He is controlled by supernatural forces and is given the task of killing humanity only because he has committed a dreadful crime. The layout is divided into two sections. It explains the backstory of how his fate became this way and then it moves towards the future where he has succeeded killing everyone except a few.

I found the story to be novel and well written. The literary standard was in high quality considering this is the author’s first book. The main character was very intriguing. To love and hate at the same time is very suspenseful and only a good writer can achieve that feeling for the reader. There are funny parts where you enjoy the humor within the dark nature of the story, and then there are sections where you stop reading and ponder on what just happened.

The ending is very beautifully pulled together leaving the reader with a satisfied smile. The story consists of daunting scenes, thrilling encounters, and divine flow of delicious content making this a must read book. It is easily felt that this author has talent with the pen that he writes.

One thing I noticed was that the chapter names were either the same or had question marks. I am not sure why that was the case.

I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading more from this author.

Article Credits: Jeyran Main

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Author

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