Book Review – Rise of the Chosen by Anna Kopp

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Jeyran Main

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Rise of the Chosen is a young adult fiction novel written about a girl named Sam. The world setting is in a way that when you die two things may happen. You either come back as The Woken, which have lost all sense of self and are driven by lust to kill, or you return as a The Chosen, gloriously selected with powerful abilities protecting the un-dead.

Sam’s father is a hero, so she has big shoes to fill. Sam works as a watch guard, which is a group, created to protect the living. Each category is identified based on the color of their eyes and most of them shine. People within the city are tagged and protected so that the woken do not get to them.

Something terrible happens to Sam, and that causes the general of the watch, to place her with the advanced team of the watch, lead by David. Sam begins to question things that she has been taught, and when she is kidnapped, things become even worse.

Although the book is not very long, it contained a full on, action packed story. The storyline is most spectacularly laid out, and the pace is fast. I found the literary standard to be pleasing and based on the content; it appeared to demonstrate that the author had done her research.

The main characters were developed with just enough backstory to allow the reader the satisfaction of bonding with them. However, the side players were not given enough room for growth. This did not harm any part of the book, however, if there is to be a sequel to the story then, the author may struggle including them. Sam was bisexual, and because of that, her dynamic relationships between the other characters generated an interesting edge to the plot.

I recommend this book to young readers and science fiction fans.

Article Credit Jeyran Main

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