Book Review – Once Lost Lords

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Once Lost Lords by Stephan Morse – Book Review

Jay Fields has gone away for four years only to come back to an angry ex-girlfriend, rent overdue and a friend asking for favors. Now he wants to mend things over in a world that Elves, wolves, and vampires have evolved and do not act in their known primitive ways. Everyone wants to get along, as much as they can help it anyway.

Once Lost Lords, is a book about survival, love, and intense battles. Stephan Morse takes us into dark times, where Elves, wolves, vampires are living together. Jay Fields is a tracker; one of the few left that takes contract jobs from his friends to make ends meet. As you do, he gets mixed into a favor of which costs him more than he originally bargained.

“I closed both eyes and tried to wish the lock of hair away. That failed.” Jay says after he returns from a four-year absence to avoid certain confrontations.

The battles were epic and the fights very pleasantly explained. Stephan Morse’s art in literature is superb. He writes in such a manner that you can effortlessly visualize the scenes in your head. I believe this skill is something not many writers have, and I congratulate him for his talent.

The characters, plot and the overall story was intriguing, and if you are a person that likes to read science fiction stories, this book is definitely up your avenue. Each setting was explained with precision, and it was clear that the author wanted to intensify the feeling of its reader and capture their attention in every scene.

With all said, I did find the book a little slow in pace at times. For instance, Jay Fields gets out of bed to leave his house as his friend is waiting on him. From his bed to the door you would have had to read, at least five pages containing Jay’s thoughts, possible black flashes, then physical surroundings and maybe some dialogue with his friend. You could not help yourself sometimes from asking where is the Author going with this?

Having said this, do not turn away from the book as it has just enough juice to please any reader. The ending was very nicely put together. It leaves a fair amount of curiosity for wanting to know what happens next but yet content to where it leaves you.

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