Some Young Women Lack…

Some Young Women Lack…

Written By Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Kenyona Copeland

Founder & Owner of: Christian Tea Talk & Podcast Blog

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Author, Books, Successful Living and Writing Writer

I used to be the girl who was slow to lose her virginity. I was in no rush

to explore a world of unfamiliarity. So I took my time in discovering who
I am, because no one could ever define my greatness.

That’s when I noticed that some young women lacked …. Courage.
Some even lost their …boldness.
Many were scared from trying to be like other girls, losing their … Originality.

So if you want to keep lacking, just stop doing everything to be you!

Some of you even lost your growth, that’s how you lost ….wisdom.

Article Credits: Kenyona Copeland

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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29 thoughts on “Some Young Women Lack…”

  1. Hi there, this is really lovely. Obviously a lot is going on at the moment about the power of women and I have just written a post about it. Really lovely to hear your words 🙂

  2. Nice piece,I can sure identify with this.Sometimes I lack the confidence to stand and defend who I am, and I end up becoming vulnerable to all happening around me

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