Rebuilding Trust After a Relationship Has Been Tested

Rebuilding Trust After a Relationship Has Been Tested

Written By Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Kenyona Copeland

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I hope that while everyone is reading this that they’re looking at this with an open mind. If your head and your heart is closed to something, it will be hard to accept anything being said. So here’s a short story (without too much detail) about a recent situation of mine. 

On 10.22.2014, I married my husband in New York. We were together for a while, before we ended up hitched with each other. Things were awesomely copacetic; WE were going on dates, laughing too much, acknowledging each other, and setting goals and supporting each other. Out of the blue, we were hit with many challenges financially and ended up moving back to New York for a while. We wanted something better than New York (since I’ve lived there my entire life). So we ended up moving back to Florida, but this time with my father (bad choice). Things turned for the worse and then the major stuff started happening. I thought we were living a movie, because that’s how dramatic everything was going. So my husband ended up doing something that totally made me walk away from our marriage. In my time away, I spent time getting to know myself and understanding the concept/message behind forgiveness. Now, since being able to just allow life to be as is: he has made much bigger sacrifices than I to find his way back to wherever I am.

Here’s how trust is being rebuilt: 

  1. PRAY MORE (FOR ONESELF) AND WORRY LESS: I try not to expect anything out of our reuniting, because that only sets myself up for failure. Instead, I expect more of myself (in being my own individual) and keep myself in positive spirits at all times. 
  2. NO ONE’S PERFECT: Don’t accept anything from anyone, just because we all know they aren’t perfect. If it’s a small flaw that can be talked about and fixed, then it should be taken care of and you should move on. Don’t hold everything against each other, all the time. 
  3. TAKE ADVICE FROM NO ONE: We live in a world where everyone is so quick to get into other people’s relationships. Then they start advising things that they don’t necessarily have experience about. Taking advice from those who try to play as if their relationship is perfect can actually put your marriage or relationship in danger. The only advice you should be seeking is the ones from God. People in this day and age will try to live your relationship for you, but not deal with the issues and things that come with it. So no offense to Jhonny or Anna, don’t ask them to help you if they haven’t been in a similar situation. Or if they do not believe in anything (trust me). 
  4. BE HAPPY WITH WHO YOU ARE & THE REST WILL BE HISTORY: If you’re one who can forgive (and not forget) but still have self-control, then I salute you. Only you can be happy with who you are, and when you make the choice to grant another chance -let that be your decision and no one else’s. The more you can focus on yourself, the better things will get. I tend to notice that when I look for advice from the wrong people, it only sets me back a few years. Let’s try to thrive on common sense and trust God. Things happen for a reason!

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10 thoughts on “Rebuilding Trust After a Relationship Has Been Tested”

    1. Hi Unmotivated Enthusiast,

      I think I like a lot of your opinions on everything. It allows me to converse a little with you, and understand where you’re coming from. I do respect that you could never trust someone who has betrayed you once, and that can be a huge thing to bounce back from. Because now, trust has to be rebuilt and love is worked for more than easily handed out than when you first meet someone. I used to be just like you, once something happened and I wasn’t okay with it, that was the end of being cool or keeping in touch with that person. As for now, I have definitely grown into a person who forgives but never forgets (though I feel no need to keep throwing something in that person’s face). I am married, so I don’t take things as lightly as I would if I wasn’t married and just in a relationship with a person. You really encourage me to want to write my memoir, just so you can read it and I can get your feedback on it. Thanks again, I appreciate your feedback on my work <3. Keep it coming!

  1. I totally get your #3 about not taking advice from people. I always say that advice will kill you, if you’re not careful. I will take experience from folks who have been there and can relate, but don’t tell me what you “think”. God is the only truth and if you trust in him, he will send you the right people in your life. Nice post. Consider visiting please. – Thanks!

  2. Hi!
    Thank you so much for this post. It really helps to know other people are going through things like this.
    I currently live with my boyfriend, and Im in the stages of not knowing but having a feeling that something may have happened and im having terrible anxiety about what i am going to do if that is the case!
    Its great to finally feel like im not the only person who has ever gone through this!
    Thanks so much for the post for advice and help x

  3. Great article, I appreciate you addressing the trust issue. Often trust is broken and people have a desire to rebuild their relationships but lack the information. Thanks A lot!

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