Having Your Own Goals & Aspirations Set Apart from Your Significant Others!

Having Your Own Goals & Aspirations Set Apart from Your Significant Others!

Written By Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Kenyona Copeland

Founder & Owner of: Christian Tea Talk & Podcast Blog

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I know we find someone that we’d love to lasso the world and the moon with, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But there are other important things that we must realize individually, and that’s to have our own goals and aspirations, set a part from the one we love. Don’t look at it as a bad, thing.

Before you met beautiful Sue, and handsome Doug -there was something that you were chasing long before they even became your significant other. For me, I wanted to be a NYT Best-selling author (which is still a dream I’m chasing). My husband had his own aspirations before he met me, and I never put a damper on whatever it is that he wants to do.

Recently, a new passion/dream of mine was to start a podcast next year. So I’m going to use this blogging passion to build a fan base. I did find my co-host, and we’re currently mapping things out. But if you don’t invest in your own passions, no one is going to celebrate or encourage you to move forward in the process.

I’m not saying that your partner hinders things achieving your goals. I’m saying that it’s important to identify yourself outside of that person. You’d be surprised with what you can achieve on your own. I’m serious and working feverishly towards my goals. I hope you are, too.

And if you’re looking to partner up with someone to help benefit your dreams -make sure that it’s someone who shares the same passion as you. This way, it’s not an issue on getting ahead in life!

It’s possible to love someone, and still be your own individual!

Article Credits: Kenyona Copeland

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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17 thoughts on “Having Your Own Goals & Aspirations Set Apart from Your Significant Others!”

  1. Well said! It’s hard nowadays I think to find someone who doesn’t want to live in your back pocket. Granted there’s nothing wrong with being the person you care about but it just seems that more and more people are making their partner their entire world! I think that hint of individualism can actually be stronger for a bond. It says that you are both comfortable enough to live your own lives. That added comfort creates trust! Anyways it was a great post 🙂

  2. it’s definitely important to maintain your own dreams and aspirations in a relationship, having that individuality ensures that you are constantly growing, and becoming a better person, and a better partner. I am still learning this process, glad to have read this post. xx

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