Opportunity Meets Impression!

Opportunity Meets Impression!

Written By Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Kenyona Copeland

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It’s nice to come across an opportunity, ever once in a while! I’d at least hope that you’re given three of them every year (huge ones). When someone offers opportunity, it’s often not by mistake that it was proposed to you. Obviously, it’s because you fit the description of what’s being searched for.

But too many times, some of us run with the opportunity without properly giving an impression how it should be given the very first time. Kenyona, what are you talking about? Well, here’s exactly what I am saying. Don’t come to a meeting looking like you have no clue on how to dress, talk, or conduct yourself!

How a person meets you, is how they’ll always remember you as. If you come to sign a book deal in sneakers with rugged clothes, the other party might think otherwise and change his/her mind about the offer. Here are a few perks on how to nail impression, after the opportunity is surfaced on the table:

  1. Be at the location at least thirty minutes before the actual appointment time. When you’re on time for everything, that sets a statement that no one can ever deter. Not every star is late to their meeting! Especially when it involves a contract/deal.
  2. Make sure your hygiene is up to par! I can’t stress this too much; no one wants to smell a stinky person. Have your clothes on fully! Come with your blouse buttoned all the way up, and your pants placed around your waist (men). Look neat and organized.
  3. Don’t ever come to a meeting empty-handed! Have a folder, memo pad, pen and a small calendar for records. You might have another meeting in a few days with the “major people”. It wouldn’t look professional to not take notes and have everything down on paper.
  4. Lastly, shake hands and keep that eye-contact strong! It shows that you have respect for the person you’re looking at. I don’t know how many times, I’ve literally had conversations with people who were looking all around the world. It shows that they weren’t paying attention, and that I might make a mistake and hand a great opportunity to the wrong person!

When you can do all of these things and be mindful that opportunity must meet impression, you’ll have more opportunities than you’ll ever know! Trust me on this one.

Article Credits: Kenyona Copeland

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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