I Want a Friend

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I Want a Friend by Anne Boothe, Amy Proud – Book Review

Arthur is in search of a play buddy. He does not know how to approach another child and ask if he could play with them. Instead, he thinks of ways to trap them or force them to be his friend. That sounds like fun.

He grabs a net and tries to catch them, digs a hole, and waits for them to fall into it. None of the methods work, of course, so he sulks and cries until a little girl named Lilly comes and asks why he is crying. She is the one that asks Arthur if he wants to be friends and to play.

Arthur accepts, and they begin to play. Another girl comes along sulking stating that she wants a friend and she wants one immediately. The book ends with saying, “Can we tell her how?”

The questionable part about this book is that we do not really understand what the method is in finding a friend. Arthur did not do anything but cry. Is this the method we wish to teach our children? Cry until someone comes to offer a hand in friendship? So a lingering question would be; how exactly did this book teach all of us to find friends?

Did I miss something?

Article Credits: Jeyran Main

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