How to Prepare for a Job Interview and Own It

How to Prepare for a Job Interview and Own It

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I have been through my fair share of job interviews and I am only sixteen. I have realized not everyone has the finesse that it takes to interview well. Fortunately, I have always been a people person and have the gift of the talk, but not all my friends do. Since I always get asked “how do you talk so well” and “your always so good on your feet” I thought I would make a post of all the answers I have given people over the year

1. The Illusion

Make sure you show up with your references in order and everything they have asked for. Although you may not be organized or even a┬áremotely attentive person, it’s all about giving the illusion. Treat it like a magic show and your the magician.

2. Have an answer for everything

It’s important to practice what you are going to say, especially if you don’t have the gift of the gab like yours truly. Make a list of question one would ask you an get someone to practice with. Make the person be the interviewer and get them to act like different people. One may be snobby and arrogant, another shy and meek. You don’t know what your getting when you walk in there so be prepared to alter your self presentation al little bit.

3. Look Good

Even if it is a job interview through Skype or a job at a grocery store always look your best. Plan out your outfit the day a head, lady’s go for a natural makeup look, one that highlights your best features like your eyes, cheek bones or smile. Gentlemen, it’s all in the shoes. Make sure you wear a decent pair of shoes, nothing to snazzy but nothing to casual.

4. Carry yourself with Confidence

Nobody wants to hire someone who is afraid of their own shadow or someone who thinks they are the be all end all. That’s why it is important to know confidence and how to present yourself well. First is eye contact and posture, even if you are shy make sure the other person knows that although you may be quitter you are still out going. Next, is be yourself. Nobody wants to hire a fake or a flake so talk to them as if you are talking to a new person you met on vacation or a prof you had in uni. Lastly, make jokes. This is often difficult but when you have the question “tell a time where you messed up and how did you solve it?” poke fun at your past mistakes and make jokes about what you have done in the past. This is a fine line but once you are there it’s a home run.

5. A firm handshake

Remember to always shake with your left, even if you have to switch your purse, papers of phone to the right. Make sure you bring a tissue or clothe (even wipe your hands on your dress when waiting) nobody wants to shake a sweaty hand, even when it’s understandable. It’s all in the elbow! don’t swing your elbow like your playing whack-a-mole, 2 soft pumps and a firm grip is all you need

Bonus: Make conversation

It’s a long walk to the back interview room so don’t leave it in silence. You want your future employer to think your a conversationalist and a real people person. So, comment on how nice the workplace is, the business or even the bosses hairstyle.

I hope this was helpful and for more life tips check out my blog

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