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Priorities line up at every step of our life, right from the birth to the heavenly abode they always highlight the purpose of our soul. When we step into the world our priorities( about which we are unaware, but our parents do take care of it!) include sleeping, drinking milk,crying, throwing hands and legs, again drinking milk and again going to a sound sleep.

As we turn into school going kids our priorities change, rather It would be better to say, it adds up as studies, friends, and more.. Once we get graduated our solo priority becomes getting a job and earning a living ASAP. Once we establish ourselves well into our career we move forward to give specific name to our relationships and our priorities are reinvented once again. When we bring our children into this world another cycle of priorities start and the former one continues till we leave for the heavenly abode. But! Do the priorities end?? No, they go on with our soul and are given a new form. Gradually we come to know that our priorities were actually our life milestones!! It brings me back to my question, What’s your priority? Time to ponder!! #IncrediblePie

Article Credits: Vivek V.

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

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  1. Another magical post – with time machine comments and likes plucked from the ether. I really feel I’ve learned something about priorities now 🙂

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