Part 1: State Your Purpose In Life & Core Values (2 Things)

1. Define who you are.

So the first thing you need to understand is who you are as an individual and brand. Craft your personal vision statement and get clarity on who you are and what your unique contribution is. You want to be as authentic as possible. Of course, you are dynamic and changing, but there are things you have always loved and always will love.

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2. Decide what you value most.

Your values define you in an even deeper way as they are the most important things in your life. Try as we might, we will never escape our values, many of which are instilled in us at a young age from our families. Consider the people, experiences and emotions that fulfill you the most, and you will find your values there.

Part 2: Creating your Winning Brand from the Ground Up (5 Steps)

Step 1. Clearly define your business or blog idea.

Okay, now that you’ve established who you are and you’re core values, you need to have a clear place in the market. Think about what makes your product or service different versus others in the marketplace. Once clear on what you offer and where you’ll play, focus on how you can do it in a superior way.

Step 2. Have an ‘ideal’ for your business or blog.

Successful brands are typically fueled by a bigger vision or ideal other than financial success. An ideal serves as a guidepost that will keep your blog or business on track and help it become a brand rather than another product. This will help establish a solid loyalty with like-minded customers. To find this for your blog or business, fill in the blank: “We exist to_______.”

Step 3. Identify your target audience is.

Your product or service won’t appeal to all consumers in the marketplace, and it can be very expensive to try to do so. A well-defined target will help you build a better product or blog and come up with better ideas. Create a vivid picture of your ideal target consumer, and focus your efforts on them.

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Step 4. Understand your business’s math. (If you plan on selling a product)

You need to understand the basic math that determines how viable your blog or business can be. You should be able to answer simple questions such as: “How much does it cost to produce the product (time, energy, money)?” or “How much do I need to sell it for?” or “How long will it take to pay out?” A successful business is one that creates value and generates profit.

Step 5. Have a plan written out.

Draw up a branding plan — a physical document that describes what you want your brand to stand for, what you’ll offer, which customers you want to attract, how you’ll reach them, how you’ll make money (this is your business model) and how you’ll measure success.

This not only brings discipline to your business endeavor, but also becomes the business plan to share with potential investors later on for your future!

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