10 Make-Up Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Hafsah Ahmed

Founder & Owner of: Fashopolitan

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Beauty and Fashion & Style Writer

Today’s post is definitely something that will change the way you look at your cosmetic bag. There are tons of hacks out there that are so much cheaper than you having to buy new products all the time. Here are ten life changing make-up hacks.

1. Exfoliate dry lips for a smooth lip stick application. Wash your old mascara wand, apply a little lip balm on your lips and exfoliate for 1-2 minutes, this will get rid of the dead skin cells and leave your lips looking soft, smooth and a little pinker than it was before.

2. Use your favorite pink lipstick as a cheek tint. A pink lipstick can work just as well as a crème blush, just be sure to blend it well with your fingertips.

3. Turn your lipstick into a long-lasting tint. After swiping on your favourite lip color place a tissue over your mouth, then using a make-up brush dust a little translucent powder over it, if you don’t have translucent powder then face powder will work just as well. The powder will absorb the moisture and your lips will have a beautiful matte tint that will last until you remove it.

4. Reshape your lips. Simply pat over concealer to neutralize your lips then using a pencil lip liner, line just outside your natural lip line, this will make your lips appear much larger than it actually is. Continue to fill in your lips, adding a little gloss will enhance the look.

5. Transform your broken eyeshadow. Don’t throw away those chucks of shadow instead mix it with a little moisturizer to create a new lip balm.

6. Reattach your broken lipstick. Melt the end with a lighter and fix the pieces together. Then melt the two pieces at the meeting point, be careful not to melt your entire lip stick, or you’ll end up with lip gloss.

7. Make your lips appear larger. Simply use a white pencil lip liner to cover the middle of your lips, then apply your lipstick gently and finish with gloss.

8. Apply bronzer in a three shape for a quick contour. Simply apply bronzer to your forehead, cheekbones and jaw line, often woman bronze all over their face avoid doing this, the three shape method is used by many celebrity make-up artists for a quick professional finish.

9. Revive your flaky mascara. Add a few drops of contact solution to your mascara to give it that liquid texture.

10. Chose a dark foundation. If this is the case simply add moisturizer to lighten the solution.

Thanks for reading loves I hope these hacks are of great help, if you’ve tried any or if you have any hacks of your own please comment below.

Article Credits: Hafsah Ahmed

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor

  1. fiftydifferentpinks 2 years ago

    Great tips!

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    Very insightful thank you.

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    That’s some amazing tips!

  4. Author
    fashopolitan 2 years ago

    thanks guys glad you enjoyed the post!!!

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    Useful hacks ?

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    Nice tips!

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    Definitely need to try the mascara tip! ?

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