Founder & CEO Thoughts (Private):

Okay, Mr. Founder & CEO, let’s break this down:

-We have our slider (For the purpose of making the main thing of what the Millionaire’s Digest is about, as well as for the purpose of flexing it and being able to be creative with it where we can show off our magazine, use it for hosting & announcing large events, use it or announcing new features (because this right here, is what creates value and gets people to love our site, but yet, people will not take the time to read about them because many people do not like to read), use it for wishing people happy holidays, and doing all these other cool things for our users too!)

-We then need to have an opening way of getting people’s attention.

-Once we get people’s attention, we then need to say o do something that

What you can do at the Millionaire’s Digest:



No, it goes like this:

-A quick opening w/ background. (Think strategy: What gets people’s attention?)

-What’s in it for me? (What you can do here.  Some features and things. Literally, every feature and thing that we do, provide, and take care of for our users, and  have spent months into building and creating for them.)


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